One Simple Step to Attracting More Business Opportunities

Allie Siarto on Hack The Entrepreneur Apr 23rd 2015


In 2009, my guest co-founded and was Director of Analytics at Loudpixel, a successful social analytics company. After many successful years she realized it wasn’t quite what she wanted to be doing, so she made a change.

Today my guest is an independent wedding and lifestyle photographer. In a market that most people struggle to start a business in, my guest has managed to build a business to where she works part-time and makes a full-time income. This allows her time to spend with her 1-year old daughter.

She also runs an interview podcast series for photographers called Photo Field Notes and teaches in Michigan State University's Advertising Department.

Now, let’s hack…

Allie Siarto.

In this 35-minute episode Allie Siarto and I discuss:

  • The need to take calculated risks in business and life
  • Brushing off failures and embarrassment (and how your biggest embarrassment can help you)
  • How putting your goals out to the world can hep fulfill them
  • Finding what makes you happy and building a business to suit that
  • Why you should do things before you are ready

The Show Notes

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