HTE 063: Running a Portfolio Business and Taking Permission w/ Andy Traub

Andy Traub on Hack The Entrepreneur Feb 20th 2015


A few years ago, my guest today emailed Seth Godin to ask if he could produce a podcast based on Seth’s hit book Linchpin. Seth said yes, and The Unofficial Linchpin Podcast was born. That takes guts and I respect anyone that is willing to come up with a mutually beneficial idea and then ask for what they want.

In that same year he partnered with Cliff Ravenscraft, the world’s most popular podcast consultant, to create a technology show called Business Tech Weekly.

In early 2013 he self-published his first book The Early To Rise Experience: Learn To Rise Early in 30 Days. His book was a tremendous success and as more and more authors wanted to learn the secrets to his success he built The Self-Publishing System.

Today’s guest is a creator and encourager. Whether it’s a podcast, book, blog post or speech, his message is the same. You must take permission if you want to live a great life, create great art, and positively impact the world.

Now, let’s hack…

Andy Traub.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why you need to find mutually beneficial opportunities and then take permission
  • How a portfolio career allows you do many things at once (and enjoy multiple streams of income)
  • Resisting email and staying on task
  • Breaking habits and learning how to do things the right way
  • Connecting others and staying out of the way can be great for your business

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