Hack To Start - Episode 46 - Anthony Thomas, Co-Founder & GM, Sticker Mule

Anthony Thomas on HackToStart May 26th 2015


This is the forty-sixth episode of Hack To Start.

Your hosts, Franco Varriano (on Twitter @ FrancoVarriano) and Tyler Copeland (on Twitter @ TylerCopeland), speak with Anthony Thomas (on Twitter @ ac132), the co-founder and GM of Sticker Mule, a custom sticker printing service that kicks ass.

Anthony has always been a manufacturing guy, but had deep frustrations with the traditional model and not having direct relationships with the end customers. He wanted to do more and so Sticker Mule was born.

He joins us to share more about how this startup was launched in 3 months, how early customers enabled them to quickly achieve product/market fit and improve the experience of buying stickers online, how entrepreneurs wanting to get into manufacturing should approach partnerships, and more!

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