GE Ep 123 [2015]: LeadPages CEO Clay Collins Talks About How To Ramp Up Your Conversion Rates (Up To 75%!)

Clay Collins on Growth Everywhere Oct 26th 2016


Hey everyone, today’s interview is with Clay Collins, co-founder and CEO of LeadPages, the world’s easiest landing page generator.

LeadPages is a lead generation platform which does a lot more than just landing pages, like allowing you to collect leads through forms, automation links, and SMS text messages, so you can build your email list through a variety of methods.

I’m a big fan of LeadPages and have been using it for a couple of years because it’s just a great tool. In this interview, Clay and I talk about why it's critical to use landing pages wherever you're creating content, lead generation at "branding" events, and how content upgrades can increase conversion rates enormously.

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