Hack To Start - Episode 33 - Cubby Graham, Community Builder, Charity: Water

Cubby Graham on HackToStart Feb 24th 2015


This is the thirty-third episode of Hack To Start.

Your hosts, Franco Varriano (on Twitter @ FrancoVarriano) and Tyler Copeland (on Twitter @ TylerCopeland), speak with Cubby Graham (on Twitter @ CubbyGraham), the community builder at Charity: Water.

Cubby's passion is to help people help others. From a young age he was involved in various humanitarian efforts with his church and was deeply affected by the major issues caused by the lack of clean water in developing countries. He left a small town near Portland, Oregon to move to New York City, where he leads community for Charity: Water, an organization on a mission to deliver clean drinking water to everyone. He shares his insights on building community, empowering others to make a change, and how Charity: Water is able to create change at scale by innovating in the traditional "charity" space.

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