HTE 064: Influencing Growth and Having a Mission to Contribute w/ Dalia Asterbadi

Dalia Asterbadi on Hack The Entrepreneur Feb 23rd 2015


Today’s guest is an inspiring entrepreneur who defies the odds in a male-driven industry and has many thoughts on changing this status quo. Rather than focusing on issues, she collaborates with organizations to provide a gateway for young people to develop interest in technology and entrepreneurship.

When she was 8 years old she submitted her first marketing plan, managed a non-profit event at 12, led a team of marketers in one of Canada’s best managed companies at 24 and was a Director at a Publicly traded company at 25.

She co-founded her first company with her sister and then leading to a global market share of non-profit customers for communication and membership management.

Today, she is working on a new company, realSociable, focused on social insight for deeper engagement with customers.

RealSociable is making a lot of noise and growing rapidly. so far, customers have included such companies as HP, Vodafone, Microsoft, and

Now, let’s hack…

Dalia Asterbadi.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why you need to build your own true inner circle
  • The first two years in business is all about figuring it out
  • Don’t anticipate being wrong, but be ready to accept that you are
  • Why you need to be the person that takes the blame for failure

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