150: Dan Martell: A Man Who Wants To Buy The World A Cup Of Coffee

Dan Martell on Join Up Dots Sep 25th 2014


Todays guest is an entrepreneur who could quite rightly claims to have had two lives. And in classic Join Up Dots style, both lives are so closely intertwined that one wouldnt have been possible without the other.As a young man,he was on a path that wasnt good. Getting into trouble with the law and spending time in jail on drug offences his life was heading one way and one way only.But in all our lives we are provided opportunities in the strangest of places that can help us become what we want to be.Its whether we actually spot those opportunities, that is the true issue that faces us all.Well our guest did, and whilst in jail, he discovered computers and set off on an entrepreneurial journey that would instantly lead to failure, and then another failure, until finally gaining traction and success came his way. He bootstrapped Spheric Technologies, a social enterprise consulting and applications company, which  grew by 150%+ each year, raked in many business awards, employed over 30 employees, before selling it in May of 2008. And now he is on a path that is based around his own passions to support himself and his family, whilst also giving back to the world in the form of several charitable organisations. So does he look back on his life and thank the dark times, for showing him the way? And what made him try several times to get going in business, and still keep going when the road got hard? Well lets find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, the one and only, Mr Dan Martell

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