143: Front-end Developer Interview Questions with Darcy Clarke

Darcy Clarke on The Changelog Feb 21st 2015


Darcy Clarke joins us this week to talk about his repo on the HTML5 Boilerplate org on GitHub "Front-end Developer Interview Questions". Darcy is the creator of the Front-end Developer Interview Questions project on the H5BP org on GitHub -- it's "a list of helpful front-end related questions you can use to interview potential candidates, test yourself or completely ignore." We discuss why the repo has been so successful, the challenges of translating a text document into multiple languages, managing contributions, the art of interviewing, and how the expectations of front-end developers have evolved over time, and how to stay relevant in our fast moving industry. At the end of the episode, we turned the tables on Darcy and asked him a few questions from the list. "The goal is to try to have the (interview) question be more open ended, and hopefully it starts a discussion between the interviewer and interviewee." 12:28 - Darcy Clarke "This document is like a high school english assignment, with over 100 group members, and they all have differing opinions, and there's a ton of different subjects... It's the worst kind of open source project." 22:56 - Darcy Clarke New members! Pedro Gomes, Kyle Mahan, Mike Perham, Jan Ebersbach, Gjermund Bjaanes, Matthew Mccormick, Ben Gillin, Austin Ginder Jonathan Banta, Matthew Brictson

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