Derick Bailey Explores JavaScript Frameworks

Derick Bailey on .NET Rocks! Feb 21st 2012


Carl and Richard talk to Derick Bailey about JavaScript in general and JavaScript frameworks specifically. The conversation starts out with a discussion about the state of JavaScript in general, discussing the recent popularity of Node.js. Derick then digs into Backbone.js and how it works with jQuery to keep things far more organized. He also discusses utilizing MongoDB and RavenDB from JavaScript using JSON as the communication path. The discussion ends with some looks at the future of JavaScript in Windows 8 and the next generation of browsers. Derick is an independent software developer, consultant, trainer and screencaster in Waco, TX. He works with a variety of different software tools and technologies including JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Ruby's Sinatra framework, ASP.NET MVC and more. When he's not working on client project, he blogs at, works on open source projects hosted on Github, and produces screencasts for various publishers including The Pragmatic Programmers and at his own site:

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