Hack To Start - Episode 38 - Dorothy Sanders, Co-Founder & CEO, Maptia

Dorothy Sanders on HackToStart Mar 31st 2015


This is the thirty-eighth episode of Hack To Start.

Your hosts, Franco Varriano (on Twitter @ FrancoVarriano) and Tyler Copeland (on Twitter @ TylerCopeland), speak with Dorothy Sanders (on Twitter @ Doro1hy), the co-founder and CEO of Maptia, a community of amazing stories told by photographers, writers, and adventurers on the the planet.

As avid traveler, reader, and scientist, Dorothy and the founding team dreapt of building an ultimate map.

Without any prior technical knowledge or education in startups - Dorothy joins us to share how they've built Maptia, completed two accelerator programs, and grown through their community and philosophies.

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