Ep. 55: James Altucher on Embracing Failure, Choosing Yourself in Life & Finding Your Scene

James Altucher on The Influencer Economy Jun 23rd 2015


What if you were a writer who let it all hang-out.  What if you wrote about failure and not just success. And what if you approached topics such such as wishing that your daughter becomes a lesbian or listing your business failures for all to learn from.  That's what James Altucher does.  James is a writer, investor, start-up founder, podcast, father, and literally an open book when it comes to his creation.

I was excited to have him on the show to discuss all things Choosing Yourself and the art and science about how he professionally self-published his own best-selling book.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • How James embraces failure and success when living his life
  • How James asked former Twitter CEO Dick Costello to write the forward for his book Choose Yourself
  • Why it's important to choose yourself in the modern economy
  • The art of asking people for help and favors (and why it can be agonizing)
  • The importance of joining part of a "scene" where you have peers and partners when it comes to your creative and entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Why James writing sometimes invokes criticism from friends and non-friends

Our archives:  http://www.influencereconomy.com/

James on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/jaltucher

James' website:  http://www.jamesaltucher.com/

James' book "Choose Yourself": http://www.amazon.com/Choose-Yourself-James-Altucher-ebook/dp/B00CO8D3G4 


Ideas and people mentioned:

  • James Hadfield on James' podcast:  http://www.jamesaltucher.com/2015/06/the-benefits-of-being-a-total-zero/
  • AJ Jacobs Global Family Reunion:  http://globalfamilyreunion.com/
  • Tucker Max's Book in a Box:  http://bookinabox.com/
  • Jayson Gaignard MMT:  http://www.mastermindtalks.com/
  • Adam Grant's Give and Take:  http://www.giveandtake.com/



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