How to Reinvent Yourself with James Altucher

James Altucher on Unmistakable Creative Jan 20th 2013


James Altucher is one of my absolute favorite writers on the web. So when he contacted me about the fact that he'd read our self published book, I replied to him and asked if he'd willing to be a guest on BlogcastFM. Lucky for me and our listeners, he agreed. This will be one of the most educational and inspiring interviews you'll hear on our show. Here are are a few of the highlights from our chat:
  • The Power of Connecting People in Multiple Parts of Your Life James Altucher
  • Why Giving Is Far More Valuable than Getting
  • The Reason James Writes 1-2,000 Words Every Single Day
  • How James Made a Transition from the IT Department to Having a Show at HBO
  • Some Insights Into Making Lateral Moves Within Your Organization
  • Why James Asked for a Time Slot on Television Even Though He Was in IT
  • How the Work from His Day Job Led James to Create His First Company
  • Lessons from the HBO Media Empire that Can Be Applied to Your Efforts
  • Why James Gives Away His Best Ideas for Free
  • The 5-Year Plan that Goes into Reinventing Your Career
  • How to Develop Your Idea Muscle
  • James' Willingness to Fight a Multibillion Dollar Machine
  • Why We're Living in the Chose Yourself Era
  • A Look Into Pitfalls of the Publishing Industry
  • The 4 Essential Components to Thriving in Your Career
Resources and People Mentioned Include: Tweetable Insights Include:
  • As long as you keep giving, the getting will take care of itself (Click to Tweet)
  • You can't just do your job. You have to become one within the company you work for(Click to Tweet)
  • Never sacrifice quality and don't be afraid to reinvent yourself (Click to Tweet)
  • I never listened to anybody who said "You can't do this" (Click to Tweet)
  • Nobody is entitled to get a free ride into entrepreneurship (Click to Tweet)
  • I don't write something unless it's embarrassing because that's how you get people to pay attention (Click to Tweet)
  • The way to stand out with any content is quality and vulnerability (Click to Tweet)
  • You have to actually choose yourself now for success because nobody else is going to choose you (Click to Tweet)

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