HTE 042: The Key To Success Is Authenticity and Generosity w/ Jared Easley

Jared Easley on Hack The Entrepreneur Dec 31st 2014


Today’s guest is clearly on a path to success and I am really happy to have him on the show today.

He is a self-described “everyday guy” who is passionate about connecting with others, communicating, leveraging new media & cultivating a community of like-minded citizens.

He is co-founder of the Podcast Movement — the first, and only one that I know of, conference solely based around podcasting. My guest and his co-founders came up with the idea, took it to Kickstarter looking for $11,000 in funding — and received $31,854 from 281 backers.

They did all of this without an email list or pre-existing list of any sorts. All they had was people they could reach out to for support.

600 people attended in August and I unfortunately didn’t make it to the Podcast Movement in 2014, but I will absolutely be there in 2015 and I hope to see some of you HTE Hackers there too!

My guest is also the host of Starve The Doubts. Starve the Doubts was a huge inspiration for me when creating Hack The entrepreneur and I cannot recommend it enough to you.

He is also an author and much sought-after speaker on new media.

Now, let’s hack…

Jared Easley.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to build your ‘army’ of supporters
  • Jared climbed the corporate ladder and realized he wasn’t even on the right wall
  • Why personality is more important than perfection in social media
  • How Jared stopped treating Starve The Doubts like his mistress

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