Jay Baer on Finding Your New Favorite Marketing Podcast | #103 CWP

Jay Baer on Content Warfare Podcast Nov 17th 2014


Sick of trying to find new marketing podcasts beyond those you've already heard of?

Jay Baer joins the Content Warfare Podcast to explain how he is building a better way to discover your favorite marketing podcast. Learn why Jay decided to create his own marketing podcast directory.

For anyone who has ever tried to find a new podcast on iTunes you know how hard discovery can be...

That is until Jay Baer and his team created MarketingPodcasts.com to help you discover podcasts that can help you become a better marketer, and a better businessperson. We’ve tried to make the site easy, fast, and fair.

Having now produced 103 podcasts, I've very interested in learning more about MarketingPodcasts.com... 

...if you podcast, or enjoy listening to podcasts, you should be too.

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