Process: Ugmonk

Jeff Sheldon on Pencil vs Pixel Apr 22nd 2015


As someone who makes things, do you ever see a beautiful illustration or design and wonder how did she do that? Or you may have come across an exciting product, project, mural, or walk into a coffee shop and and think that the packaging is so good. You wonder who made it and how they got to work on it. Perhaps you’re interested in doing something just like it and would like to pursue a similar path. Let’s say you see someone’s work and you think, “wow, this looks incredible. It must have been easy for the artist to make it,” or wonder how hard it really was to do. Today we’re going to dig into how something is made by talking about the initial idea to final product in this series that we call Process. To kick it off, we have none other than founder of Ugmonk, Jeff Sheldon. Hailing from Philadelphia, Jeff Sheldon runs Ugmonk. The popular design-centric brand where he produces quality shirts, bags, wearables, and other accessaries. In just 6 short years, Ugmonk has grown to become a popular shop attracting the creative community, namely designers and people who make things for the web. His minimal style reflects depth and focus and has cultivated a loyal following. As a thank you, Jeff releases a limited edition anniversary series that includes unique items which are both, stylish and memorable. Jeff just celebrated Ugmonk’s 6th year anniversary and to commemorate it, he released only 200 six year anniversary sets, total. It was a big success, selling out immediately. Jeff Sheldon:

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