From those wonderful folks who gave you Pearl Harbor

Jeffrey Zeldman on Unfinished Business Apr 5th 2014


Special guest Jeffrey Zeldman joins me on Unfinished Business this week to talk about how important is it today for designers to be able to tell stories and sell ideas to clients. We talk about whether designers need ‘empathy’ or strength of character and conviction in their ideas, whether the web needs ‘account menpeople and what it feels like when people you’ve mentored go their own way. It’s a packed show and as we both love advertising and Mad Men, we end by talking about my Don Draper depersonalisation disorder theory and what we expect and hope from the final season which starts next week. Even if you’ve not seen Mad Men, I think you’re going to like this episode. Thanks to our sponsors this week. They are the Business Of Web Design conference (get 10% off your ticket with the offer code unfinished ) and Perch (get 10% until April 11th with the offer code unfinished.)

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