CodeChat - Episode 024 (John Sonmez)

John Sonmez on CodeChat Mar 31st 2015


This (late!) episode of CodeChat finds me in Utah at the 2015 Pluralsight Authors Summit chatting with John Sonmez. John is a Pluralsight author, developer, consultant, blogger, life coach, and somewhat recently I believe an author*. In this short conversation, John and I talk about self learning and online learning. We discuss matters such as the significant effort involved in recording online training videos, college degrees for development careers, self learning, education as your responsibility, continuous learning, and time tracking for increased productivity. If you're a developer, then I suspect these topics are relevant. I hope you get something out of this little chat. 

*John's book Soft Skills is a very broad view of all of the topics that orbit around a developer's life. If you don't get value out of this book, then you should check the prescription on your reading glasses. :)

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