Ep. 109 – Simple Programmer (John Sonmez)

John Sonmez on CodeNewbie Oct 10th 2016


Years after John Sonmez had been programming, he learned something very important: while his coding skills were important, creating content was his secret. With his blog posts, and eventual books and speaking gigs, he was attracting and growing an audience, and with that came job opportunities and career growth. He shares what he’s learned along the way and how codenewbies everywhere can use storytelling to help build their tech career.Show Links Turing School of Software & The Iron Yard (sponsor) Linode (sponsor) Pluralsight (sponsor) Simple Programmer Top Coder Ray Wenderlich Apple IIe How To Win Friends And Influence People Scott Hanselman Bob Martin Soft Skills book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People The 10x Rule Shoutouts Sponsored Shoutout: Pluralsight (Saron) Sponsored Shoutout: Linode (Saron) Sponsored Shoutout: The Iron Yard (Saron) The Complete Software Developer Career Guide (Saron) How To Be a Better Developer With Programming Challenges (Saron) Imposter's Handbook by Rob Conery (Saron) Get Involved in Technology Community! (Saron) Present! A Techie’s Guide to Public Speaking (Saron) How to become a public speaker in 1 year (Saron)

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