21: John Sonmez and the Top 1% Developers: Why You Should Create a Personal Site and Start Writing

John Sonmez on Developer Tea Feb 25th 2015


On today's episode, John Sonmez joins me to talk a bit about his brand new book, Soft Skills (Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Soft-Skills-software-developers-manual/dp/1617292397), and about the importance of branding yourself as a developer. John has graciously offered two awesome gifts to Developer Tea listeners! The first is a discount on John's course on how to market yourself as a developer! In the cart, just enter the coupon code DEVTEA to get $100 off! The second is a simple contest: comment on this episode at http://developertea.com/episodes/7976 and commit to writing a blog post every week for the next year, and John will choose one person to give a signed copy of his book Soft Skills! And, as an extra bonus, I will buy the domain name for the first year for the person who John chooses to give the book to. Don't forget, leave your comments on http://developertea.com/episodes/7976 if you want to be entered into the contest! If you'd like to support Developer Tea, visit http://developertea.com/buy-me-tea

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