233 JSJ Google Chrome Extensions with John Sonmez

John Sonmez on JavaScript Jabber Oct 12th 2016


02:50 The definition of a plug-in

03:31 The definition of an extension

05:09 The way to determine the plug-ins and extensions you are running

08:22 How to create an extension file

11:02 The appeal of creating extensions

13:26 How John got into creating extensions

15:48 Ways to organize extensions

19:38 Aspects of chrome that will affect extensions

23:23 Packaging for the Chrome store

26:22 Using dev tools

29:42 Conflicting plug-ins/extensions and how to deal with them

31:30 Open source extensions

32:32 A quick way to create an extension


“I teach software developers how to be cool.” –John Sonmez

“There wasn’t an ability to extend the dev tools, but now there is.” –John Sonmez

“One quick way to create an extension is just to take one of these sample apps…and then just start modifying it…” –John Sonmez


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