Episode 3

John Sonmez on Signals And Leaves Dec 7th 2013


John Sonmez from SimpleProgrammer.com joins Derick to talk about his podcast at GetUpAndCode.com - a podcast about software developers. We discuss a lot of tips for people that are getting started, including fear of not being valued or being ridiculed, the need to set a release cadence, and so much more. Learn from John's success and mistakes, to learn how you can get your podcast up and running quickly, and keep at it past the typical 5 or 6 episodes at which most people give up. John's 3 lessons for someone just starting: 1. Streamlining: get all the infrastructure prep work (logo, domain name, blog, etc) done before you start recording. Start out professionally, with intro music, logo, etc (checkout fiverr.com for stuff like this) 2. Understand the process before you start. Practice by recording yourself and working through the process before you produce a real podcast. iTunes will not host your episodes (see blog.signalleaf.com for info on this) 3. Set up process, with consistency, ahead of time. Don't be left hanging after you record your first episode. You need to be consistent in order to grow a returning audience.

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