MK 011 - John Sonmez: How to Market Yourself

John Sonmez on The MattKremer Podcast Jan 19th 2015


Instead of talking about how to build, launch & market a product, today we're talking about something even more important: how to market yourself.

John Sonmez, the "life coach for software developers" and author of "Soft Skills" and "How to Market Yourself as a Software Developer", joins me to discuss how you can get your name out there and break through the "salary ceiling" and achieve your dreams.

We talk about the three primary parts you have to be concerned about when creating your personal brand, and the benefits it will bring you.

This is a no bull**** episode: we're telling you the exact steps you have to take to begin the journey of creating your own brand, complete with real-life examples from both Johns life and mine.

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