‘An energy drink for Time Lords’ with Jon Hicks

Jon Hicks on Unfinished Business Sep 8th 2014


Icon designer Jon Hicks joins me this week on Unfinished Business to discuss our experiences of recent conferences including dConstruct (me) and An Event Apart (him.) We narrowly avoid talking about our predictions for the upcoming Apple event and instead discuss how to keep work and home life separate, whether it‘s right to be connected to work outside work hours and how having an office can help with work/life balance. Of course, all of this is just a thinly disguised ruse for what we really want to talk about, Doctor Who. In the after-show section, we look back at Matt Smith’s final episode, talk about Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor so far and if Doctor Who needs longer than one hour per episode to tell a good story. Oh. And Clara bloody Oswald. This week we’re sponsored by Gather Content. Get 20% off your subscription to GatherContent, forever, using the offer-code unfinished. I’d also like to thank SimplyFixIt. Get 50% off any iPhone or iPad repair if you send your device to them before 14th September and quote the offer-code unfinished.

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