Josh Pigford on Shipping, Hiring Smart People, and Not Being Epically Wrong

Josh Pigford on Hack The Entrepreneur May 25th 2015


My guest today is a self-proclaimed maker — but I would call him an entrepreneur, writer, designer, developer and master marketer.

My guest has been developing and shipping products online for over 10 years now and has seen his share of successes and not-so-successful ventures.

He is currently the founder of Baremetrics, software analytics and reporting for Stripe. Baremetrics seemingly came out of nowhere with an awesome content marketing strategy lead by my guest on the Baremetrics blog — one of the best software business blogs on the internet today.

Now, let’s hack… Josh Pigford.

In this 26-minute episode Josh Pigford and I discuss:

  • How shipping is always better than perfect
  • Why Josh cannot work for someone else
  • Josh's steps to hiring awesome people
  • The long list of things that Josh is not good at
  • The number one way Josh has built Baremetrics into a successful startup

The Show Notes

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