The Journey From Travelling Poet to Online Entrepreneur

Joshua Parkinson on Hack The Entrepreneur May 28th 2015


My guest today is a poet turned tech junkie and entrepreneur. After receiving a graduate degree in literature in 2000, my guest headed for Europe, where he sang rhymes to crowds for 5 years before moving to Arabia to teach Shakespeare to American troops.

His interest in tech was sparked while working for a VC firm in Utah. His due diligence work there taught him one thing: he wanted to be the startup, not the investor. He got that chance in 2011 when he launched Post Planner. From there my guest and his co-founder grew Post Planner from a simple scheduler into a powerhouse content curation and social publishing platform.

Now, let's hack...

Josh Parkinson.

In this 36-minute episode Josh Parkinsonand I discuss:

  • People who don't give up win, those who do not disappear
  • Gut feel and data: how it helped him find his platform for business
  • How he used being independent as a motive to be an entrepreneur
  • When and how he delegates tasks to his peers
  • Choosing and creating the reality you want to live in
  • Articulation - why it's very important to him growing his business

The Show Notes

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