#1285 How Laura Roeder used her tribe to pivot to $2.5M in just 18 months

Laura Roeder on Mixergy Interviews Apr 1st 2016


Joining me today is a repeat guest. Back in 2011 I got an email from Laura Roeder that said, “Hey, Andrew, you should interview me.” I liked how simply she built her business. She showed us how she did social media, how she was willing to do a webinar even if hardly anyone was watching. One of her tactics was to hide the number of people watching so it didn’t look small to anyone else. Those techniques made for such a great interview. I recently got another email from her about software she’s creating that makes it easy for people to post on social media. I didn’t know how big it was but she gave me the numbers and today we have her back. Laura Roeder is the founder at MeetEdgar.com, a social media scheduling and marketing automation tool.

Laura Roeder is the founder at MeetEdgar.com, a social media scheduling and marketing automation tool.

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