Best Selling Author Lisa Sasevich Interview About Her New Book, Boost Your Sales: How To Use Irresistible Offers Without Being Salesy

Lisa Sasevich on I Love Marketing Mar 11th 2015


Episode 192 Show Notes:

  • Lisa shares the key "Offer Mindset" that can make you more money
  • How to sell without being salesy (Do this and your clients will buy A LOT more from you)
  • Answer this one question to accomplish 10x more in your life
  • Lisa's 4-step technique to boost your sales fast
  • Why tension is GOOD if you want to increase your revenue
  • The 2 biggest mistakes costing many entrepreneurs thousands of dollars a day
  • A 3-part formula for making irresistible offers (PLUS: The right and wrong way to use bonuses)
  • AN I LOVE MARKETING FIRST: Lisa decides to join Genius Network in the middle of an I Love Marketing episode!

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