Hack To Start - Episode 37 - Liz Wessel, Co-Founder & CEO, Campus Job

Liz Wessel on HackToStart Mar 24th 2015


This is the thirty-seventh episode of Hack To Start.

Your hosts, Franco Varriano (on Twitter @ FrancoVarriano) and Tyler Copeland (on Twitter @ TylerCopeland), speak with Elizabeth Wessel (on Twitter @ LizWessel), the co-founder and CEO of Campus Job.

Prior to starting Campus Job, Liz launched a few startups while in college before working for Google on some major campaigns.

In June 2014, Liz and her co-founder started Campus Job and raised a seed round in less then a month. They are now part of the W15 cohort at Y Combinator. Liz shares her insights on startups, managing partnerships, and making a difference.

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