099: Create A Vision Board For Success with Micha Mikailian

Micha Mikailian on As Told By Nomads Nov 3rd 2015


Today's conversation is with Micha Mikailian. Micha has been a serial entrepreneur for the last 22 years, with 8 companies under his belt. He most recently Co-Founded Intently, a software platform that leverages virtual real estate to transform people's experiences with technology. It is a vision boarding application that deeply connects its users with their goals and intentions by replacing advertisements with pictures from their vision board.  Micha's specialties include business start-up formation and funding, venture capital, entrepreneurship, web based businesses, digital marketing, and leadership. Intently is an ad blocker that replaces the advertisements you see on the internet with the inspirational content of your choice. Traditional ad blockers simply replace ads with whitespace, which achieves the goal of removing pesky ads, but nothing more. Intently leverages the ad space by allowing you to see the images that inspire you to achieve your dreams, goals, and intentions. I just started using it and I love it. In the interview he also shares some tips on how to connect with investors. Catch the interview here or below!

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