HTE 031: We Need To Know Enough To Be Dangerous w/ Michael Sacca

Michael Sacca on Hack The Entrepreneur Dec 3rd 2014


Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is a Father. Husband. Maker of many, many cool things online and a brilliant podcaster.

He is currently the co-founder WithCircle, where they build software for teams that want to stay connected.

Before most people have even started on their idea, this man has starter, pivoted, and pivoted again on his way to building an amazing startup. 

You will hear WithCircle referred to as OpenAsssembly, which was a pivot from the original idea of Vapour. Our guest thrives on motion and hard work, and I love it.

Prior to WithCircle my guest was co-founder at a startup called TinyFactory, where they created Lingual, a language learning app for kids.

He is also host of the truly inspiring podcast Rocketship — 20 minute interviews with entrepreneurs talking startups, strategy and growth.

Now, before he changes his mind and moves onto something else...

Let’s Hack…

Michael Sacca.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • We can’t always be working on the fun stuff
  • How to trust your gut that things will work out (even when you don’t know how)
  • What you have to go through in order to survive as an entrepreneur
  • One good person can replace ten (but finding that person is hard)

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