HTE 061: Oren Klaff on the Ability to Communicate and Pitch Anything

Oren Klaff on Hack The Entrepreneur Feb 16th 2015


Today’s guest is responsible for more than $500 Million in successful business pitches and deals. He helps people sell companies for a living.

He is the Director of Capital Markets for the investment bank, Intersection Capital, where he raises tens of millions of dollars from investors and institutions.

He is the author of a must read book called, Pitch Anything - a book that I have read twice in the past year and I recommend it to every entrepreneur — because if you can’t pitch your ideas, you will never be successful.

Now, let’s hack…

Oren Klaff.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • If you don’t want to give away things for free, then you have to learn the ability to pitch
  • Define your priorities and ignore the rest — focus is key
  • The one thing investors look for in a company before giving them money
  • Treating your deals like dating and keeping your options open

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