#24: Biggest Mistakes, with Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn on Cubicle Renegade Podcast Oct 30th 2013


Two weeks ago, immediately after I got home from spending over five weeks in Italy I headed right back to the airport less than 12 hours later to go to the Financial Bloggers Conference in St. Louis.
Now, I had a ton of jet lag and the day next was a blur, but was excited about FINCON for a few reasons.
- Even though I don't write about personal finance anymore, FINCON was one of the first conferences I attended as a blogger and have quite a few friends that go.
- This was my first solo speaking gig at a "blogging" conference (I'll be sharing the video of this when I'm able to in December).
- I always love conferences. Something about them reenergizes me to keep pushing forward when I get back to work.
Anyway, during the conference I had the chance of recording a "live podcast" in front of an audience and since Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, guest number 5 of the Cubicle Renegade podcast, was there giving the opening keynote I figured this would be a great opportunity to have him share some more of his story.
It is really easy to see where someone is now, successfully running a profitable business, and to assume they've never made any mistakes. The truth is, everyone makes mistakes. The difference is that successful people learn from them and move on quickly to trying something new.
In this episode of The Cubicle Renegade Podcast I'll talk with Pat Flynn about some of his biggest mistakes over the last five years of building an honest online business, plus what he has learned from them.
Items Mentioned in this Episode:
Smart Passive Income
Green Exam Academy
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