140: Aurelia, Durandal, and leaving AngularJS with Rob Eisenberg

Rob Eisenberg on The Changelog Feb 6th 2015


Rob Eisenberg is our guest this week. Rob is a former AngularJS team member, who left the AngularJS team to work on his own startup, Durandal Inc and their first open source product Aurelia, a next generation JavaScript client framework that supports ES6, WebComponents, Object.observe and more. We discussed why he left the AngularJS team, how the community responded, the allure of working for Google and getting paid to work on open source full time, why someone might choose Aurelia over other frameworks, and more. "If you're in a place of authority where you're going to choose a framework, you want to know what your options are. You want to have options. You want to know how you can pick the best solution for your particular project, your team, company, etc..." - Rob Eisenberg 1:06:41

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