How to Choose The Life You Want (and Build a Business to Get It)

Russ Perry on Hack The Entrepreneur Jul 13th 2015


He is now the founder of Design Pickle, a graphic design subscription service that offers unlimited requests and revisions for a monthly fee.

My guest is also a creative consultant at Digital and Disruptive, where he hosts workshops to help companies rapidly develop marketing or brand strategies.

He is a charitable guy and has been on the board of directors for the Alzheimers Association and is the co-founder of One Small Business, which provides entrepreneurial education for young people.

Now, let's hack...

Russ Perry

. In this 31-minute episode Russ Perry and I discuss:

  • Figuring out ways to build a system
  • Getting lucky in business (is not about being lucky)
  • Your past 10 years is just practice for today
  • The power of knowing (that you don't know much)
  • Hiring the best people to do things you're not good at

The Show Notes

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