118 - Automate Anything with Bots (Special Guest Seth Louey)

Seth Louey on The Make it Snappy Productivity Show May 31st 2017


Did you know you can automate almost anything with these things called “bots?” Make it Snappy guest Seth Louey is on the cutting edge and is showing us how to do it. Seth is the CEO and Co-Founder of BotList.com, connecting humans to bots. He’s a lifetime entrepreneur and the 2016 Product Hunt Maker of the Year Nominee. Seth’s an everyday hustler and an inspirational human being. He’s one of the most giving, down-to-earth guests I’ve had on the show and I truly enjoyed our super-interesting conversation. We talked not only about bots, but also about where the technology is headed and what to expect over the next five to ten years. I asked Seth about society’s perspective on bots, security issues and we even got into journaling (of all things). Listen all the way through and take Seth up on his challenge for the Snappy Nation…to create your own bot! Check the show notes below for links on how to get it done so you can take a giant step towards automating your life through this exciting technology. Have you picked up our free Google Sheet templates yet? You want to delegate like a boss? You want to build epic online videos? Do all this and much more…grab them all right here (instantly): http://makeitsnappyshow.com/templates Interested in more of Make it Snappy? You can become a Patreon supporter for just $1/month and get access to Patron-only audio and other really cool perks for our fans. To learn more go to: http://makeitsnappyshow.com/patreon All the beautifully engineered, snappy show notes for this episode are located right here: http://makeitsnappyshow.com/podcast-episodes/118 Subscribe to Nick Snapp’s updates and receive his free guide on how to create over one hour per day at http://makeitsnappyshow.com/guide.

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