Sol Orwell on Being Relentless and Not Giving Up

Sol Orwell on Hack The Entrepreneur Jul 16th 2015


My guest today has built companies in several different industries and has been successful enough to hand the companies over to someone else to manage and run.

He had more or less retired when he co-founded, an independent and unbiased evidence-based organization that investigates the science behind supplementation and nutrition.

My guest is trying to make a difference in this industry and with over one million people visiting the site every month he appears to be making that difference.

My guest is also fitness adviser at and, in 2014, he was recognized as a Game Changer by Men's Fitness.

Now, let's hack... 

Sol Orwell.

In this 32-minute episode Sol Orwell and I discuss:

  • Why Sol's friends call him relentless
  • Learning to do things that you don't know how to do
  • Why scratching your own itch is a great business model
  • Why you need to be confident with your ideas
  • The downsides of outsourcing too much

The Show Notes

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