29: Steve P Young: How to Create a Life of Mobile Apps and Podcasting

Steve Young on The Artrepreneur Now Sep 25th 2014


One of the biggest influences behind the start of The Artrepreneur Now podcast, Steve P Young is an app developer, an entrepreneur, a marketer, a father, and a baller. While commuting on the train to his full time job, Steve started his journey editing podcasts with 1 hand and holding the laptop with the other. From growth hacking to the production of his first solo app, his story is one of the most inspiring in existence. Joining a Mastermind and hiring a business coach was the turning point of him leaving his corporate job, and he is now a full time hustler (the good kind.) :)

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Steve:

The craziest thing and the most eye-opening experience which happened to him so far (10:55)

How to spike your downloads through tapping on email list and other impactful methods on how he grew his audience (12:55)

Starting with something simple and small and all the best lessons he learned from his guests (15:30)

The things he had done to get back some of his free time such as getting help through outsourcing and the use of Auphonic (17:40)

How he separates his time between podcasts, apps and other tasks (21:00). 

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