Hack To Start - Episode 42 - Victoria Lennox, Co-Founder & CEO, Startup Canada

Victoria Lennox on HackToStart Apr 28th 2015


This is the forty-second episode of Hack To Start.

Your hosts, Franco Varriano (on Twitter @ FrancoVarriano) and Tyler Copeland (on Twitter @ TylerCopeland), speak with Victoria Lennox (on Twitter @ VLennox), the co-founder and CEO of Startup Canada, Canada's first-ever, entrepreneur-led, national movement.

Victoria is the catalyst of a national grassroots network of local Startup Communities; PIVOTmagazine.ca, 1000startups.ca, StartupAward.ca & MentorshipChallenge.ca among other high-impact, national programs - recognised by PROFIT Magazine as one of Canada's Top 30 entrepreneurs in 2012. She joins us to share her insights and experiences on building non-profit, social driven organizations.

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