Yanik Silver on Maverick Trips And High Level Mastermind Groups - I Love Marketing With Joe Polish And Dean Jackson - Episode #165

Yanik Silver on I Love Marketing Aug 4th 2014


  • Joe and Yanik pull back the curtain and share the story of how they started their highest level groups
  • The #1 secret top performers and wealthy entrepreneurs know about getting smarter and super-connected (This is the same secret that historic tycoons like Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and Thomas Edison discovered...)
  • The REAL reason successful people join high level networks, masterminds, and adventure groups
  • Joe shares his "Better Your Best Contest" model formula that leads to members who have more success and pay you more money
  • What Joe said to billionaire Sir Richard Branson at a private dinner that caused Richard Branson to want to be friends with Joe
  • Yanik takes you behind-the-scenes of his Mastermind Groups, Retreats and Maverick Business Adventures (and the 3 keys that make Yanik's groups so powerful)
  • What's the easiest way to set up your own high-level mastermind or network group? Joe and Yanik discuss their most effective strategies and models...
  • Joe uncovers the rarely-revealed factors that cause high-level, influential individuals to bond and build relationships
  • What Genius Network is all about and why the top entrepreneurs and direct response marketers in the world are members of it
  • "The $250,000 Guarantee": Why Joe gives people who join his Genius Network one of the boldest 10x guarantees available anywhere

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